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title. New Road Hotel

date. 2018

city. London

project. Boutique Hotel

The initial brief was to create a design for a boutique hotel with echoes of the past. As we progressed, we decided that we needed more than a 1930s industrial style, as this look has been rather overplayed over the years. We subsequently decided to base the design on a moody ‘city’ style hotel with echoes of the industrial look, coupled with elements of the 1970's. The owners wanted to create something different within the locality, whilst in keeping with the existing building and it’s history, this was important to them.

Project 01

Key aspects of the design include the eclectic mix of 70's features such as the furniture, tiling and colour palette, together with retained aspects of the building such as exposed un-treated brick and exposed pipework, which complements the rawness of the structure, showcases the history of the building and works really well - in addition to being true to the 1930's period. 

Additional original features such as large metal windows, old fire doors, and works-style signage all add character to the design.

Another retained element was the original parquet flooring, which was not used on the floors, but featured as a decorative element to clad the lift cores on all four floors of the building. 

The result - well it really really works.

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