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title. No 31

date. 2014

city. Dublin

project. Guesthouse

An unusual and hidden hotel, consisting of a classical Georgian townhouse combined with a 1960's property designed by a famous Irish architect. At the back of the building there is a garden linking the two different eras and design styles. Our focus was to be true to the individual design styles yet marry the two buildings at the same time to create a seamless guest experience.

Project 01

The end result is a great example of modern Irish design with an eclectic twist. An unassuming entrance opens up into a welcoming area with it's now famed sunken lounge, with leather seating, open fire with a glitter - ball mirrored bar tucked into the corner. Light colours and textures were used to create an peaceful and calm atmosphere. The bedrooms are eclectic, like the property itself and each was designed with it's own individual style. This project was definitely about 'less is more".

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