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title. Pickle Restaurant

date. 2015

city. Dublin

project. Restaurant

At the outset we inherited an almost derelict building, an old Indian restaurant, in a long narrow building, subdivided on many levels with multiple partitions. A real challenge to create what we wanted to achieve with our concept. The design direction was one of raw finishes; recreating an Indian street - themed concept with an open kitchen so when you look down the restaurant, the kitchen is the theatre, the stage and the centre piece.

Project 01

The furniture used was Bentwood Furniture which is very simple, the posters adorning the walls was to accentuate that Indian street feeling - random, overlaid, unorganised - giving that flavour of India without being over the top. The floor tiling was the only ornate element of the interior design concept. We expanded the space with acid edged mirrors which when you look into that space your unsure whether you are looking into a mirror or an actual space. We created the bar area upstairs in order to optimise the space downstairs on street level. The rawness of the design gives that unfinished appearance, which was a key aim of the design process.

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