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A Successfully Designed Interior Does Not Have To Mean An Expensive Fit-Out!

To design a restaurant interior successfully the designer must understand the business and it's nuances. If the designer is not well versed in the culture of Hospitality design, the client is potentially open to a costly and ill-fitting interior. This may also adversely affect revenue.

Understanding the intricacies and balance within these spaces is paramount to a successful outcome. Specifics such as lighting levels, colour attenuation, space planning limitations, kitchen cross over, staffing locations surface finishes are just a few items from the good design checklist.

Not every designer is suited to Hospitality design. It takes years of internship and learning within the environment to become a truly competent restaurant designer within the sector. I myself have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best designers and restaurateurs in Ireland and the UK. This is why I can speak authoritatively about the vagaries of hospitality design. This is why I know great design is not about great budgets, although it sometimes helps. Great design is an understanding of the space and the balances within.

I am always directly involved in every aspect of the design process, starting with listening to the client’s requirements including budget. I get to know the space intimately, feeling its energy and flow. Once these foundations are in place the design process commences and evolves. Spaces are transformed, budgets nailed and smiling guest reappear to add to the coffers.

To see a selection of the many restaurant spaces Nigel Howard Creative has enjoyed working on over the years visit or even better give us a call on +353 868356626 or drop us an email at We're ready to discuss your next hospitality project!


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