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title. The Terrace at The Dylan Hotel

date. 2015

city. Dublin

project. Boutique Hotel Terrace

Create an outdoor space that guests would be drawn to - that was the design brief. We wanted guests at the Dylan to enjoy spending time on the terrace and be encouraged to unwind, lounge and stay. We felt the terrace could take the form of a relaxing Oriental space, which embodies the spirit of a traditional Japanese tea room. At the same time, we wanted to complement the unique elements of the existing structure. We used cedar, brick, stone, light, and fire, mirrors were used to add depth and mystique to the space. These were the foundations we used  to create a soothing, earthy feeling in the space.

Project 01

Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary is our inspiration. The trick to truly being inspired is finding the space to allow the creative process to work. Travels are also a great source of inspiration - marrying ideas from near and far is great fun and has wonderful rewards.

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